Lorea Aranzasti


Born in Madrid in 1984 began her violin and piano studies simultaneously at the age of 5 with Prof. Francisco Comesaña and Irina Shirokij respectively. She then continued her studies with Fernando Rius, Polina Kotliarskaya and Ana F. Comesaña and finished her piano studies with Laura Diaz-Kayel. Ms. Aranzasti Pardo participated in many Summer Festivals and Masterclasses with Prof. Such us: Joaquin Torre, Nelli Schkolnikova, Kennedy Moretti, Graham Jackson, Nathan Cole, Brant Taylor, Jose Feghali, Duncan Gifford etc… During her time in United States, she started singing Jazz, studied Imrprovisation and started her pursue of composition.

She collaborated with many Orchestras as well as being a member of the JONDE (National Youth Orchestra of Spain) allowing her to work with artists such like Fabio Biondi, A. Ros-Marba, Krysztoff Penderecki, G. Pelhivanian. In 2006 she was awarded with a full scolarship to continue her Master studies at Texas Christian University with Prof. Curt Thompson. In 2008 she concludes her studies in the USA returning to Vienna to start specializing and opening her field to Baroque Violin. During her time in Vienna, she collaborates with many Baroque Ensembles like Wiener Akademie, Capella Leopoldina, Barucco etc…

During her time in Vienna Lorea studied and received Masterclasses with Prof. As Ulli Engel, Thomas Fheodoroff, David Drabek, Ilia Korol and Prof. Gottfried von der Goltz, whom with she nowadays makes her Master Studies in Baroque Violin in the city of Freiburg in Germany. In 2011 she became a member of EUBO (European Union Baroque Orchestra)working with artists such as Enrico Onofri, with whom she then started working in Portugal and also took part as concertmaster of the JONDE Barroca (Youth Orchestra of Spain Baroque Academy) in Madrid.

During her time in the Orchestra she took part in the recording of several documentaries, a DVD released in January 2013 as well as a CD all under the Leadership of Lars Ulrik Mortensen. In 2012 and 2013 she had the opportunity to collaborate with great artists including Gottfried von der Goltz, Anne Katharina Schreiber, Enrico Onofri and Jean-Guihen Queyras as a soloist,concertmaster, chamber musician and orchestra player. She was a member of EUBO 2011 and returned as Concertmaster. In 2014 she starts her collaboration with Le Concert Lorrain, the FBO (Freiburger Barock Orchester) as well as with Balthasar Neumann Ensemble, of which the last two are based in Freiburg, Germany, where she currently resides. She continues to be very active as a composer and singer and funded “Boreal Project”, a quintet based in Madrid.

She plays a G.B Gabrielli (Florence, 1755) and a G.Thir (Vienna, 1773).