The Requiem by José de Nebra conducted by Montaño along with La Madrileña, the Victoria Choir & Schola Antiqua.

Requiem José de Nebra Nebra José Antonio Montaño director La Madrileña Orquesta con instrumentos de época period instrument orchestra Coro Victoria Choir Schola Antiqua Oficio y misa de difuntos para las reales honras de la reina nuestra señora doña maría bárbara de portugal que goza de Dios 1758 braganza Real Capilla Orchestra conductorLa Madrileña and the Victoria and Schola Antiqua Choirs, under the musical direction of José Antonio Montaño, will perform on the coming March 16th, 2018, the Requiem by José de Nebra in the same place where was debuted in 1758, the Santa Barbara Church in Madrid.

The concert was requested by the Comunidad de Madrid Internacional Festival of Sacred Music, in addition to the activities that La Madrileña shall have during 2018 on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the death of the great Spanish composer José de Nebra.

The public  votes La Madrileña, conducted by Montaño, as finalist in “BEST SPANISH ANCIENT MUSIC GROUP ” category

La Madrileña, an orchestra conducted by José Antonio Montaño, has been voted by the public to be finalist under “BEST SPANISH ANCIENT MUSIC GROUP” category in the GEMA AWARDS – Association of Spanish Groups of Ancient Music.

Concert at Teatro Real (Madrid)

foto-concierto-la-madrilena-teatro-realLa Madrileña, a period instrument orchestra conducted by José Antonio Montaño, is to perform another concert this coming 11th of November 2016 in the Teatro Real (Madrid). On this occasion, the orchestra will play different Arias by Vicente Martín y Solerand W. A. Mozart featuring the soprano Susana Cordón.

This concert is part of the Actividades Paralelas of the Teatro Real program themed around the opera La Clemenza di Tito by Mozart, and will take place this November 11th in the Gayarre hall right after the talk conducted by Enfoques which will discuss the main elements of music and the dramaturgy of the productions featured in the Teatro Real.

Gems of the Spanish Baroque Zarzuela

foto-la-madrilena-montano-cordon-2La Madrileña, a period instrument orchestra conducted by José Antonio Montaño, is to make public appearance again this coming 27th of October in the Auditorio Caja de Musica in the Palacio de Cibeles (Madrid).

On this occasion, the orchestra presents the program “Joyas de la Zarzuela Barroca”, “Gems from the Spanish Baroque Zarzuela”, that will see the participation of the soprano Susana Cordón.

The program, performed with baroque instruments, is an extraordinary opportunity for early music lovers as it will take them on a journey to the XVIII century.

Through a selection of overtures and arias from the Zarzuela, we can savor the work of the most prestigious composers of this genre such as José de Nebra, Rodriguez de Hita, Martín y Soler and Boccherini.


Mozart & Martín y Soler

Cartel Concierto Presentación La Madrileña (1)La Madrileña, an orchestra conducted by José Antonio Montaño, will make its first public appearance on the 15th of January in Madrid, in the concert hall of the Real Academia de Bellas Artes of San Fernando.

The programme of this first concert exclusively includes works by Vicente Martín y Soler and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartperformed with period instruments.

The programme includes the famous Mozart’s Symphony No40 in G minor with several overtures by the Spanish composer Martín y Soler. It also features diverse arias and duos of operas by both composers, in particular, the revival in modern times of three arias belonging to the opera Pesnolubie by Martín y Soler, a score first performed in 1790 and conserved in the Central Music Library of the Mariinsky Theater, whose critical edition has been done by José Antonio Montaño along with the musicologist Vera Fouter, specializing in this composer.

The invited singers are the soprano Susana Cordón and the baritone Borja Quiza. The orchestra also collaborates with the actor Emilio Gavira and the stage director, Ignacio García.