Didactic project


La Madrileña devotes great attention to the didactic aspect of its musical project through holding conferences, specialized courses taught by its professors and soloist singers, in addition to preparing concert programmes featuring pedagogical and family concerts directed at the younger public. For the latter section, we collaborate with Polo Vallejo, PhD in Musicology Sciences, also a pedagogue, an ethnomusicologist and a composer with prestigious international recognition.

It is from 2003, and within the framework of the Pedagogical Project of the Teatro Real of Madrid, that José Antonio Montaño (artistic and musical conductor of the Orquesta Escuela de la Sinfónica de Madrid) and Polo Vallejo (pedagogical director and presenter) start their joint and successful collaboration in pedagogical concerts, performing titles such as Le Nozze di Figaro by W. A. MozartEl Humor en Haydn or The firebird by Igor Stravinsky (winning the Crearte award by the Ministry of Culture of Spain in 2011). Alongside this programming, they are solicited by several cultural institutes such as the Fundación Caja Madrid which commissions them with a cycle of concerts directed at the young public starting with the musical work Pictures at an Exhibition by M. Mussorgsky, which involved students from the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza and audiovisual artists. Since then, their collaboration continues to expand with performances and unique musical programmes performed in venues such as the Teatro Monumental in Madrid.

Polo VallejoPolo Vallejo, pedagogue, ethnomusicologist and composer

Internationally well-known in the field of practical music pedagogy and experimental musicology, Polo Vallejo is a professor of international teacher training courses, an artistic consultant in the Carl Orff de Munich Foundation, an investigator-collaborator in the MCAM of Montreal University in Canada, and a member of the CNRS of Paris.

In addition to holding the Higher Degree in Music issued by the Real Conservatorio Superior de Musica of Madrid (RCSMM), he has a PhD from Universidad Complutense of Madrid (UCM) with a Suma Cum Laude grade, and also graduated with honors from the Faculty of Humanities. He specialized in Music Pedagogy from the prestigious Orff Institute of the Mozarteum de Salzburgo University (Austria) where he is a guest professor. He also held the chair of Musical Pedagogy of the RCSMM between 1990 and 1997, during which period he trained an entire generation of music teachers and also created cultural projects of considerable importance to music education.

Polo Vallejo frequently gives courses and conferences across five continents; he has created, organized and presented educational programmes and didactic concerts in prestigious institutes and centers such as: the Paris Orchestra, Helsinki Sibelius Academy (Finland), Salzburgo Mozarteum, La Villete (City of music, Paris), the Troppeninstitut of Ámsterdam (Holand), McGill University in Montreal, Princeton University (the United States), Fladem (Foro Latinoamericano de Educación Musical), Fundación Juan March of Madrid, Fundación La Caixa of Barcelona and Fundación Botín of Santander, among many others.

Also noteworthy is his permanent creation and participation in the pedagogical projects of the Teatro Real of Madrid with the Orquesta Escuela de la OSM of which he was a pedagogical director during the 2003-2004 season. Thanks to the El Pájaro de Fuego Project which involved students from a high school and musicians from the Orquesta Escuela conducted by José Antonio Montaño, they obtained the Crearte award by the Ministry of Culture in 2012.

As a composer his works are interpreted by prestigious soloists and ensembles in music international festivals. He is author of educational materials circulated and highly regarded in the field of music pedagogy worldwide. In addition to articles and books, he has published sound and audiovisual documents, winning awards in major international Cinema festivals (Berlin, Montreal, Los Angeles, New York, Zanzibar…). At present, he is working on the edition of the book Cuadernos de campo en Tanzania together with the photographer Carmen Ballvé, he is studying in depth Types of Polyphonies in Georgia and its systematic music in addition to the transmission of musical knowledge. Also, in collaboration with Radio France, the Goethe Institute and the Orff Foundation, he directs pioneering pedagogical projects that link education with research: one of which is seeking to conserve children´s musical repertoires of the Kedougou region, Senegal; another project focuses on the training of music teachers and artists in Georgia (Caucasus).