The Martín y Soler Project


proyecto-martin-y-soler-la-madrilenaLa Madrileña, in honor of the composer Vicente Martín y Soler, takes its name from his first opera converted in zarzuela and founds the project Martín y Soler to promote the interpretation of his magnificent yet forgotten works with period instruments devised for this purpose, in order to do justice in the XXI century to whom was undeniably Spain’s best and most international composer in the XVIII century.

Martini Lo spagnolo, as he was known in the most important European musical circles of his time, left us with an invaluable legacy of operas and ballets spread between Spain, Italy, Austria, England and Russia. Gradually, his works started to resurface in operatic stages and present concert halls, thanks largely to the work of research carried out by distinguished musicologists who, over the years, succeeded in compiling extensive documentation of music scores and specialized studies in this composer.

For its Martín y Soler project, La Madrileña will mainly rely on musical editions done by the ICCMU (Instituto Complutense de Ciencias Musicales), whose work on this author´s score editions is the most thorough to date. In this way, we also aim to support the vital work carried out by this national institute and its leading role in the internationalization of the Spanish musical heritage of recent times.

The contribution of La Madrileña through its Martín y Soler project is not confined to the interpretation of these already edited works, KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAbut will also encourage, through collaborations with several musicologists, the rediscovery of unheard compositions from more than two hundred years ago. A specific example of this line of work is the recovery of three arias of the opera Pesnolubie, a score first performed in 1970 and preserved in the Central Music library of the Mariinsky Theater, whose critical edition was done by José Antonio Montaño and the musicologist Vera Fouter, author of the thesis presented in the Universidad de Oviedo “The composer Vicente Martín y Soler’s stay in Russia (1754-1806).

In modern times, these three arias can be heard again in the first concert of La Madrileña, where overtures and arias of operas by Martín y Soler and W.A. Mozart share the same programme with the superb symphony nº 40 by the genius Salzburgo, making the music of the two great masters meet again just as it happened in the Vienna of the second half of the XVIII century.